I – Health, Education, and Welfare

I0 – General
I00 – General
I1 – Health
I10 – General
I11 – Analysis of Health Care Markets
I12 – Health Production
I13 – Health Insurance, Public and Private(Updated!)
I14 – Health and Inequality
I15 – Health and Economic Development
I18 – Government Policy; Regulation; Public Health
I19 – Other
I2 – Education and Research Institutions
I20 – General
I21 – Analysis of Education
I22 – Educational Finance
I23 – Higher Education and Research Institutions
I24 – Education and Inequality
I25 – Education and Economic Development
I28 – Government Policy
I29 – Other
I3 – Welfare and Poverty
I30 – General
I31 – General Welfare
I32 – Measurement and Analysis of Poverty
I38 – Government Policy; Provision and Effects of Welfare Programs
I39 – Other
(Published 1992) Inequality Reexamined, by Amartya Sen
(Published 1997) On economic inequality, by Amartya Sen
(Published 1997) The Analysis of Household Surveys, by Angus Deaton

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