Excellent article in The Economst about The History of Economics

….Modern economists are often accused of “physics envy”, filling their papers with complex equations to make them look like “real” science. But in one important sense, the subjects are similar; they can be divided into two. There is sub-atomic physics which deals with the tiny particles that make up matter, and then there is classical mechanics, which deals with the effect on bodies of forces like gravity.  Marrying the two has not always been easy. Similarly, there is micro-economics which deals with how individuals and companies behave; and macroeconomics, which deals with the overall economy…

Today’s article in the economist is a self-explaining economic history we fully afree with.
Nothing new but is always good to see these ideas are spreading!

Enjoy: http://www.economist.com/blogs/buttonwood/2012/07/economic-history?fsrc=rss

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