Review – End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman

This book is disappointing. In times like this I would expect Paul Krugman writing a sound and formal solution for the Crisis, but instead I gives us just copy–paste from his Blog and Columns for the last couple of years. He even uses paragraphs and stories from previous books.

Since Keynes is the ultimate hero for Krugman, maybe he could be inspired by the work of Keynes and write some sort of modern treatise on Crisis and how to deal with them (he don´t even need to go as far as Keynes in his General Theory) but something worthy of a Nobelist.

What we get is a book without value for the Economic Comunity, it is written for the populace thus worthless from the academic point of view. Even worst is nothing new given what Krugman writes everyday day on his Blog.

For me is really depressing to see a Nobelist, and a once great theoretician, undermining his legacy by sucumbing to mediocrity and popularity.

I would love to give a more precise analysis of the book, but I don´t feel it deserves so, that would mean I took the book seriously which is not the case.

I lost a day on this book, and I regret it. Don´t recommend to anyone outside the populace.

Shame on you Paul Krugman!

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