Maurice Allais

Maurice Allais, is by far the most underrated Economist in history. How many of you know that he is a Nobel Prize?
I know many french economist that never read Maurice Allais. One may ask how can this be? After all he laid down the foundations for modern economics, without him Gerard Debreu would’ve been a normal mathematician or something related, a whole generation of French economists would not have the impact they had.

The works of Maurice Allais are visionary, his opus-magnums Traité d’économie Pure and Économie et Interet should be in every Economist shelf, they lay out not only the mathematical foundations but also the logical foundations of modern Economics, by far more enlightening then Mas-Collel et al tome. By the way, Maurice Allais was the only Nobelist that received the prize for two works (the only!).

His works on Europe and Globalization are so good is unbelivable how they are not known, for sure if people has read this books Europe wouldn’t be in this mess, and Globalization would have more positive effects on everybody.

I could go on and on talking about Maurice Allais and his work but that would require too much space, in the future for sure.

We leave some references to Allais work:
His autobiography 
His site in french


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