Veblen Today; Try to guess when were these words written? (Hint: it was on the Quarterly Journal of Economics)

From Hugo Domic

“It may be taken as the consensus of those men who are doing the serious work of modern anthropology, ethnology, and psychology, as well as of those in the biological sciences proper, that economics is helplessly behind the times, and unable to handle its subject matter in a way to entitle it to standing as a modern science.”

“Probably no economist today has either the hardihood or the inclination to say that the science has now reached a definitive formulation, either in the detail of results or as regards the fundamental features of theory.”It was on 1898! Yes more than 100 years ago, it was Thorstein Veblen who wrote them. Unfortunately they are still valid today.
It makes us wonder…

Is Evolutionary Game theory Veblenian?
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