This will make you smarter: New scientific concepts to improve your thinking

From Hugo Domic

Although this is a book review, we should note that the entire content of the book is available online for free and legally at
Firstly we should briefly present, it is an organization of science and technology intellectuals it gathered some of the most intelligent and renowned people in the world.
Each year it ask a general question, the first one was “What is your dangerous idea?” in 2006. Last year it was “What Scientific Concept Would Improve Everybody’s Cognitive Toolkit?” which resulted in the book we are reviewing today.

So the book is the collection of answers from almost two hundred contributors each of them answers the previous question.
The interest of this book is that in one place we can find so many different answers (some authors give almost the same answers sometimes but with a different allure) from so many fields that when you finish reading the book you have a broad picture of what is on the head of scientist on many fields (don’t forget that they are the experts on their respective fields so is very inspiring).

And we actually improve our cognitive toolkit along the book! So many different concepts that deserve to be studied more carefully and should really be on everybody cognitive toolkit that makes this book and this initiative unique and amazing. It is impossible to highlight some contribution because all of them are good and each will touch different readers in different ways.
It is also very important for scientists of all sciences! We highly recommend this book to anyone, and we recommend you to recommend it to everybody!

This book is awesome and so stimulating that is dangerous!
You can find every answer in the book on . Enjoy!

[Front Page]×390/s_v/smarter_GQ_01Feb12_642.jpg

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