Conferences Marcel Boiteux

The invited keynote speaker for this year Conference in Honor of Marcel Boiteux is Paul Champsaur. On April 18th 2012 don’t miss it. At the Centre de la Vieille Charité as usual.

Recently, it has become common to oppose industrial policy and competition policy. This last one, whose the most important cases are done by Brussels, is introduced as insufficiently concerned by the objectives of industrial policy, particularly toward the development of big groups supported by national States.

Competition is an essential element of the market economy, and its politic institutions as well. It would be unfortunate if states restricted themselves in the name of objectives of industrial policy and the magnitude of national european competition policies.

This lecture series treats about the role of the government in the economy. Like Marcel Boiteux, who inaugurated this cycle of conferences, the conference guests are leading economists who had high level of administrative responsibilities (M. Boiteux, J. Stiglitz, M. King, N. Stern, F. Bourguignon).

Each operator gives its point of view of a particular aspect of the evolution of the role of the government in the modern economy, a problem which lies in the depths of the subjects treated by IDEP.
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To know more about the recently created Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE)

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