INET Conference Berlin

Paradigm Lost: Rethinking Economics and Politics

When? April 12-15, 2012

A great conference is happening, some of the best a most notorious economists are gathered in Berlin to discuss a rethinking of Economics (and Politics, but mainly Economics).

Among them we highlight: 

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud if you are interested in finance (the real one not the Black-Scholes story) this is the guy to follow!
J. Doyne Farmer from the Santa Fe Institute, complex systems on Economics and Finance.
Ricardo Hausmann, his work is great, but his new research with Hidalgo on the International Trade Network Complexity is amazing!
Steve Keen, well no presentations at this point everybody knows him by know.

Obviously we have orthodox representatives also: Among them 3 Nobel Prizes (the Soros money does amazing things right?) Stiglitz (which will probably repeat his speeches of the last 3 years…), Amartya Sen always wise, and James Heckman (altough the INET frontpage doesn’t highlight him as a Nobel Prize he won it on 2000).

You can follow the presentations live, or you can watch them later. It’s a great opportunity to have so different opinions confronted on the same place.

We can thank Soros and the NON-efficiency of markets for this a great conference to Economics.

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