Something to study! (For Real)

Scott E. Page is giving free, online course .

He exposes several models. These models will help you to better understand the world, to be a clearer thinker, to better use data, and to make better decisions.

This is a great opportunity to have a course you’ll never have in your University. You have exams to check if you are understanding what your learning.
Very Brief description of the first lessons. The course is composed of several sections: 

Section 1: Introduction: Why Model?
This lectures are very interesting, for us graduate economists, we are taught to model directly several phenomena, and much of the time without really understanding or thinking about  what, why and how we are modeling things. This section gives us good foundations to the practice of modelling.

Section 2: Sorting and Peer Effects
In contrast with traditional economics, individuals interact and this interactions are not completely random, although they can be complex, in this section Scott give us two models Schelling and Granovetter. As a bonus you get introduced to Netlogo, a neat program that allows to program and run agent-based simulations.Don’t worry if you never used this program it has some build-in models which we can have some fun without having to do the hard stuff. 

Section 3: Aggregation
Here aggregation is explored, don’t expect to see the usual Macro “aggregation” where we have a representative agent but aggregation with heterogeneous agents. Some very interesting results are given and introduction to cellular automata and the game of life allows you to be introduced in a smooth way to this otherwise “difficult” subjects.

You have a lot more sections! Including a Economic Growth part!
At the end not only you’ll be better Economist but a better scientist!
Fully enjoy and Profit from this opportunity!

And Scott is eager to know what Economists think of this course!
Next weekend we’ll do a more broad analysis of the course and it’s intersections with Economics!

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