A reading List for Sustainability

Today we share with you a Special Issue by the journal Mathematical Social Sciences on Sustainability

This Issue is not only great because is edited by our Favorite Macro/Growth/Mathematics Professor Raouf Boucekkine, but because the authors that participate are leading researchers not only on the topic of Sustainability but on Macroeconomics on General.

As said on the Introduction of the Issue: “Sustainability has become a key concept in the evaluation of progress accomplished by societies.” And the Issue is superb on given lectures the best possible exposition of the concept of Sustainability on many fronts. It introduces some of the philosophical problems surrounding this approach,Parfitt’s repugnant conclusion for example, but also demographic transitions that represent a very important topic to understand Economic Growth and Finally it adresses the policy implications of changing our paradigm from pure Optimality to Sustainability.

Sustainability represents a great research path for future generations of economic researchers, which we encourage greatly.
One future path that we look foward to see (and follow) is the introduction of heterogeneous agents and complex environments.

Keep this issue under watch when thinking about writing a paper on Growth or Macroeconomics. And our felicitations to the Editor (Boucekkine) and all the authors for sharing with us such a rich collection of papers.

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